How to play?

Booking is mandatory and you can do it in this website or you can visit us in via Dal Luzzo 4. Check the availability in the “book now!” page. After paying you will receive a confirmation email , take it with you . If you do not receive, please verify that your mail handler does not inserted between junk mail or contact us at info@escapesaga.com .


How long does a game round?

Game time lasts one hour. Please arrive on time! We cannot guarantee the entrance later nor earlier than scheduled. Therefore please wait for the exact time of your booking to get inside.


How many persons can play together?

You can play from 2 to 6 people (in addition to these people up to 2 children under 14 years can join for free). We recommend you to play together with someone else, in order to get the most out of this experience! Some riddles are easier if you face them in a team and part of the fun is working together! If you are more than six persons, we recommend you to book your rounds in sequence: after the last group will finish, we will provide you the rankings  and we will tell you which group won! To take advantage of this opportunity, after the booking , please send an email to info@escapesaga.com signaling that you are a group and which round you will play.


What exactly is the game?

Part of the fun is in the mystery, so we cannot reveal exactly what you will find in our rooms! However, we can ensure that it is an adventure within everyone’s reach, which needs no special physical requirements and which consists of a series of tests of different types and difficulty. You will find logical games, combinations to solve, skill games, puzzles and riddles, researches, all set in a mysterious, fascinating and ancient location!


Can I play even if I do not know Italian?

Sure! We can provide clues and hints in Italian, English and German. The games are logical or numeric, you will not find word games that require the knowledge of Italian Language.


I booked and paid but I did not receive any email, is my reservation confirmed?

The reservation will be confirmed with payment. Following payment you should receive a confirmation email . Unfortunately, it can happen that some mailers fit this mail between junk mails. First, we recommend that you check that has not been included among the spam. If you have not actually received we ask you to write to info@escapesaga.com