Escape from the Allied Command

Mystery and intelligence along the Gothic Line.

Inside the rooms of the Allied Command Post, rumor has it that a spy is hiding among the officers of the Fifth Army. Join the American Military Police Corps and intercept the secret messages that are being passed to the enemy… the outcome of World War II lies in your hands!

Conquering the Gothic Line is a major focus for the Allied Army. Your mission will be entering the command office, find the classified information the spy is passing to the German Army and report to your General the position of enemies on the battlefield. But be careful, no one knows the identity of the spy…. you could be exposed and murdered! You only have 60 minutes of time to figure out the clues, accomplish your mission and escape the building unharmed! Can you make it in time?

Come and challenge the “Escape from the Allied Command” if you are intrigued by the counterintelligence world, you like misteries and logic games, you’re fascinated by spies and secret codes and you want to test your abilities together with your friends in an adventure full of adrenaline..

Raccogli ogni indizio, ti servirà tutto per risolvere l’enigma finale!
Raccogli ogni indizio, ti servirà tutto per risolvere l’enigma finale!

Try our new Escape Room and live the experience of the battles along the Gothic Line that took place 70 years ago.







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